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Pride Fence

Placement at a local Secondary College enabled opportunities to be present in the yard. A co-created installation of the school value, PRIDE on a visually significant fence, enabled a broad dialogue. The word Pride was woven into the fence as it is within the community. The school's logo woven around the value, over the course of the year, with students and staff. 

Engagement by students and staff varied daily. Through, being present in the yard, noticing the ways others occupied their time in the space, allowed for a reliable presence. A trusted other, that witnessed and heard the stories that were there to be told, individually or collectively.  Ocassionally, the dialogue centered on the value, at other times it was the incidental reading of an oversized word that generated a sense of curiosity.


The fence is transitioning as the school itself transitions and builds its own demonstration of PRIDE in the community. 

I am proud of the presence the fence has in the yard, as it experiences its own moments with the weather and begins to share its own story. 

Currently, being reworked, to add texture to the now fading letters as we begin to understand the place of the fence in the yard, is no longer only a barrier for safety. 

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