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Masters Project

Completing a Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice at The MIECAT Institute in Melbourne (2018). My placememt project was being with a group of Year 8 students in a school setting, focussed on the schools values, academic vocabulary and collaboration. We co-inquired into the ways a group creates while acknowledging and respecting the individual.

Using vision boards we considered the notion of aspiring, and the things that keep us in places of being stuck.  Kristen Visbal's iconic Fearless Girl's embodied gesture as she stares down her challenges provided felt access to the sense of being resilient. 

Together we journeyed, exploring the schools expectations. Being emergent, we came to know the shared student's values enabling a representative tower of the values; Courage, Learning something and Independence to be constructed. The embodied experience of being vulnerable and the ways this is present within a school setting being held as significant to enabling the confidence to engage in their learning.

Kristen Visbal (2017) Fearless Girl
 Federation Square, Melbourne 
Held moments
Having courage
Seeing and holding the felt sense of being vulnerable
Being on a journey - trusting
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